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The Art of Not-Knowing in Psychotherapy and the Conceptual Line of W. R. Bion

Online Course Dr. Yakir Krichman

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A profound synthesis of mindfulness and psychoanalysis through the conceptual line of psychoanalyst W. R. Bion. Gradually clarifies Bion’s main concepts; including Beta elements; Alfa function; O; Without memory and desire; Container/contained; Dreaming; Caesura and No-thing. The course also discusses developments to Bion’s concepts made by psychoanalysts Dr. Thomas Ogden (“Dreaming into existence”) and Dr. Michael Eigen (“Impact”). The course explains the importance of maintaining a state of "not-knowing" in therapeutic; creative and personal processes. The course helps consolidate an organised understanding of what constitutes the core of psychodynamic psychotherapy and includes clinical illustrations and stories from different spiritual traditions.

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Dr. Yakir Krichman

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Dr. Yakir Krichman

Dr. Yakir Krichman

Dr. Yakir Krichman is an Israeli-based Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor. He teaches the course “Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis: The Conceptual Line of W. R. Bion” and holds group supervision at The Center for Compassionate Mindful Education as part of The Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Program. He has been practicing mindfulness meditation for more than 25 years and teaching W. R. Bion’s concepts for more than 12 years. He maintains a private psychotherapy practice and is a member of the Israeli Interdisciplinary Association of Psychotherapy. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, writing his dissertation on The Somatic Dimensions of Artistic Creativity. 

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