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The in person organic balloon training by Dress Your Daydream; teaches the five stages to make balloon garlands robust and full of texture and depth. This training course is applicable if you are new to organic balloon displays or want to upgrade your existing technique. The training is in five stages: Preparation: correct inflation of 5”; 11”; 18” and 36” balloons. How to make a mini balloon garland. How to make the spine of the balloon garland. How to layer balloons. How to add detail to your balloon garland.

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Dress Your Daydream

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Dress Your Daydream

Dress Your Daydream

Dress Your Daydream specialises in teaching luxury balloon styling worldwide. We are here to provide you with in depth, on the go training accessible at your fingertips to grow your business into everything you dream of and more. Our signature style is taught in a way that can be tailored to any possible installation. We aim to simplify the industry for you in order for you to grow as an artist. 

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