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An introduction to 5th Generation District Energy for City Quarters is a comprehensive training course designed to familiarize participants with the concept and implementation of 5th Generation District Energy (5GDH). This cutting-edge approach represents the latest evolution in district energy technology; aiming to achieve greater energy efficiency; sustainability; and resilience for urban environments. The course delves into the principles and innovations of 5GDH; highlighting its potential to revolutionize energy infrastructure for city quarters and explains about the key components of 5GDH systems; including energy sources; distribution networks; and cutting-edge control and monitoring mechanisms.

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We’re a company people can trust and we’re always looking at ways to make energy smarter, personalised and more sustainable. We have more than 25 years’ experience in renewable energy and have helped the industry reach a place where environmentally friendly power sources can outperform fossil generators. We’re now using that expertise to help our customers make changes at home and at work. We help our business customers to reduce their carbon footprint by generating their own renewable energy supply on-site with solar panels, heat pumps or a biomass plant, installing EV charging points or simply better managing their energy system.   

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