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EEUW-104: VMS Architecture & System Design

Online Course Eagle Eye Networks

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A quick explanation of the architecture of the Eagle Eye VMS; some of its technical advantages that yield security and reliability. How to structure systems. When to use the different components (Bridges vs CMVRs); how to design and bid larger-scale deployments with either large locations or large numbers of locations. Bandwidth management and choices.

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Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks is the #1 provider of on-demand, true cloud based security and operations video management system (VMS) worldwide. Eagle Eye utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a simply smarter platform, purpose-built to help businesses improve safety, security, operations, and reduce costs. Eagle Eye also provides an open API for easy integration with applications that complement and extend the offering in innovative and useful ways. The Eagle Eye Platform offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing, alerts and search – all in the cloud.

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