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Finance Managers and Accountants constantly juggle serious responsibilities within the organization; with the responsibility to manage finances as well as to report them accurately to all the stakeholders. As all financial reports are very technical and not many in the organization are familiar with the IFRS; reporting standards; and regulatory requirements; finance professionals often face difficulty in communicating financial information and graphical reports to non-finance staff and sometimes even with Board members. The storytelling technique is proven to impart information where the participants get involved by having an immersive experience allowing them to enjoy absorbing the information dynamically and entertainingly.

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Ed-Watch supports companies in digital transformation by providing solutions to their critical skills development needs. We specialize in providing essential skills development tailored programs, addressing key areas including data literacy, data governance and security, advanced analytics, automation, and financial and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting requirements. Ed-Watch empowers companies to bridge the digital skills gap and effectively achieve their technology-driven objectives.

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