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AI Workshop: Unlocking Generative AI for CEOs and Business leaders

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This two-day Generative AI course offers a comprehensive overview starting with a foundation in AI basics and current trends. Day 1 delves into optimizing the value derived from generative AI; understanding core CEO considerations; and addressing the critical topics of ethics and regulations. On Day 2; participants will explore the intricacies of AI adoption; get insights on managing costs and vendor relations; and learn strategies to harness internal data through an executive AI-led approach. Tailored for decision-makers and executives; this course provides a strategic roadmap for integrating and maximizing the potential of generative AI in business.

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EdenBase Hub

EdenBase Hub

Welcome to EdenBase, where innovation thrives! We are a dynamic hub fuelling the growth of emerging technologies and empowering organisations to shape a better future. With a global perspective, we inspire, invest in, and transform local and global economies through cutting-edge solutions. From AI and blockchain to quantum computing and more, we harness the power of these technologies to drive positive change. 

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