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Professional Certificate in Emotional Intelligence: EQ for Innovative Leadership and Corporate Teamwork

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Emotionally intelligent management embraces and draws from numerous other branches of behavioural; emotional and communications strategies to develop more productive and successful leaders. Understanding and raising your Emotional Intelligence is essential to your success and leadership potential. In this Emotional Intelligence training course; delegates learn how to: Develop the ability to sense; understand and effectively apply emotions as a source of leadership; communication and influence Gain insights into perceptions and its importance in the workplace; Understand how EQ influences the way they respond to others and themselves: Discover how to apply EQ in the workplace for building teamwork and accountable leadership.

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EuroMaTech Training & Management Consultancy

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EuroMaTech Training & Management Consultancy

EuroMaTech Training & Management Consultancy

EuroMaTech is an internationally acclaimed Training and Management Consultancy, focused on helping our clients improve their business, and contribute to the career development of their employees. We have always had a strong belief in the quality of our team and our service, which has kept us at the forefront of the training industry. Our customer service strategy is evaluated constantly throughout the year to measure our performance along with the associated performances of venues and instructors.

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