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A comprehensive and detailed CIM recognised course taught by leading industry experts across 6 modules; 40 sessions; and 12 assignments. The programme takes you through the practical fundamentals of event management; teaching you up-to-date and relevant knowledge to excel in the event industry. The core curriculum includes; but is not limited to: Employability in Events; Social & Political Impact of Events; Diversity in Events; Event Safety; Event Management Plans; Incident Response; Branding; Digital Visibility; Media & PR; Commercial & Stakeholder Management; Venue & Supplier Management; Project & Budget Management; Operations & Site Management; Event Control; Crisis Management.

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Event Crowd

Event Crowd

Event Crowd has been specifically created to focus on one mission: to develop; and foster tomorrow’s event industry leaders. As event professionals, we understand better than anyone that the opportunities within the industry are endless. The demand for talent is high and the industry needs fresh faces to grow. We’ve created the Event Crowd to support tomorrow’s leaders and make sure they enter the industry with first-class knowledge and resources.

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