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Personal Identification Documents; Verification and Jurisdictional Risks: UAE

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This webinar; which consists of three sessions; is designed to introduce the delegates to the identity documents that are commonly used in UAE as part of Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence processes. The session will start by introducing the potential jurisdictional risks - Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and sanctions perspectives will be examined. Subsequently; the specifications of the selected personal identification documents will be covered; and afterwards; we will conclude the sessions by reviewing a case study; where example AML and CFT red flags/indicators specific to each jurisdiction will be discussed.

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FACT Worldwide

FACT Worldwide

FACT was formed in 1983 to protect the content, product and interests of the film and television industries. By remaining at the forefront of technological advances and as a result of our successes over the years, we are regarded as the leaders in intellectual property protection. We investigate cybercrime, fraud and other IP crime. Our ethos is to protect, prevent, detect, deter, disrupt and dismantle, always keeping in mind the ultimate sanctions of criminal prosecution and civil litigation. Our experience in intelligence-gathering has equipped our team to expand into global due diligence services. We meet the needs of governments, law enforcement and private organisations in mitigating risk and making informed decisions.

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Personal Identification Documents; Verification an...

FACT Worldwide

This webinar; which consists of three sessions; is designed to introduce the delegates to the identi...

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