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This training is for anyone working or volunteering with families with children 0-5. The aim of the training is to understand the importance of home learning; what it is and how we can implement it in our work; day to day life and support families on their journey. Hints & tips we can pass on to families we are working with to make their life easier as well as supporting children’s early learning; language; and communication.

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Foundation Years Trust

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Foundation Years Trust

Foundation Years Trust

Foundation Years Trust is a Wirral-based charity, working with parents, carers and their children between 0–5 years. As a parent/carer, there’s lots of evidence to show that what you do with your little-ones in the first five years can set them up well for life. However, we also know children don’t come with a manual and that they grow up quickly! Parents don’t always have all the information they need to help their child develop in the best way possible so we provide ideas that will make a difference to your child’s learning, development and help you to form relationships. You are at the heart of our programmes because you are the most important people for your children.

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