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6 Pillar Guide to Massage Success

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This course is designed to offer learners clarity as to how a successful remedial massage practice works. The therapist treatment role has been broken into six distinct aspects to make it easier to understand how and why each treatment pillar is a necessary component in helping clients get better. Learning and practising these 6 pillars of a successful treatment will empower massage therapists to get better at getting their clients better; and to enjoy the confidence and rewards that come with a successful massage career.

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Fulham Massage & Wellness

Fulham Massage & Wellness

Fulham Massage & Wellness

At Fulham Massage & Wellness we know that massage therapy is an essential part of individual's health regime along with balanced diet, quality sleep and physical activity. We advise our clients to receive regular massage in order to release the stress of everyday life and to treat or maintain medical conditions in a non-invasive way. We passionately believe that prevention is better than cure therefore we have developed our excellent deep tissue massage to keep our clients in good working order. 

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