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Endotherm - Energy Saving Water Treatment Additive

Seminar • Gravitas International

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Endotherm is an energy saving water treatment additive designed for any wet CH system. Endotherm increases the efficiency of CH systems; reducing energy bills by up to 15%. It is applied to the system just like an inhibitor. We are delighted to announce that EndoTherm’s performance as an energy saving technology has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) under their Product Verification Service. How it works; Developments; Case Studies; data and approvals. Endotherm allows the CH system to heat up much faster and retain the heat for much longer. Endotherm won the best product at the CIBSE awards; last year winning the best product at ECO build and best domestic product at the H&V news Awards. It is now a recognised energy saving product by the EST. Endotherm has been tested and reviewed in a controlled environments showing 15% average saving confirmed by Enertek International.

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Gravitas International

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Gravitas International

Gravitas International

Gravitas International is a family-run business; designing, manufacturing and distributing sustainable environmental products, primarily dedicated to introducing innovation to the global market. Gravitas offers ongoing support to its customer base by way of custom design, packaging, and training, whilst driving the demand from the ground up and continually striving for sustainable solutions to enhance the working environment around us.

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