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Psychotrauma therapist training : Integrative Psychotrauma Curriculum (Trauma-Curriculum)

Seminar Group Psylux S.A

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Psychotraumatological & psychotherapeutical theory & practice as well as different methods for treatment of traumatic stress disorders; such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); sequential stress disorder and others.

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Group Psylux S.A

Group Psylux S.A

Group Psylux S.A

Our goal is to provide a treatment (Neurotreatment), research (Neuroresearch) and sound, scientific and practical training (Neuroacademy) in Neurofeedback therapy, Neuroregulation, QEEG and rTMS for doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, naturopaths and educators. We offer modular trainings as well as continuing education for Neurofeedback therapists, trainers and lecturers. The courses culminate in an examination leading to certification by the Neuroacademy Luxembourg. Our courses are constantly updated to incorporate the latest research findings and developments in treatments. In addition to the courses and seminars on Neurofeedback, we also offer other courses and seminars that complement Neurofeedback. Our trainings and treatments are based on qEEG (quantative EEG) Neurofeedback processes.

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