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Communicating about Phase 1 and 2 Trails

Training Course • Health and Care Research Wales

About the CPD course

This full day course is aimed at healthcare professionals involved in the recruitment of patients into Phase 1 and 2 trials for example; research nurses; clinical studies officers; medics; clinical nurse specialists. This course is structured around filmed consultations with clinicians and patients (actors role-playing patients and relatives). The consultations include end-of treatment; dose escalation and novel agent consultations. The course explores information needs of research participants in early phase studies; giving complex information to potential participants and provides resources for skills development.

CPD Provider

Health and Care Research Wales

Health and Care Research Wales

Health and Care Research Wales

Health and Care Research Wales is a national, multi-faceted, virtual organisation funded and overseen by the Welsh Government’s Division for Social Care and Health Research. It provides an infrastructure to support and increase capacity in research and development (R&D), runs a range of responsive funding schemes and manages the NHS R&D funding allocation.

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