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Introduction to Personalised Technology

Online Course Hft

About the CPD course

An e-learning training module; provides learners with a general awareness of personalised technology (PT; also known as assistive technology). The course is suitable for anyone who supports a vulnerable person e.g. dementia; physical disabilities; mental health and learning disabilities. Includes: What is PT? - examples of the different types of PT available. Why use PT? - the outcomes PT can help to deliver. Implementing PT - key steps to consider when implementing PT. Ethical issues to consider. Managing and maintaining the PT. What next including final quiz; useful resources and how to find out more and develop your learning further.


Hft is one of the largest and longest-established charities supporting people with learning disabilities. We support people in all areas of their life: developing practical skills, connecting them to their community, helping them to get a job and introducing them to technology that can help them to live as independently as possible.

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