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Clinical Applications of Electrophysical agents up to date

Online Course HH Sports Group Ltd

About the CPD course

Course contents: Electromagnetic modalities (diathermy; laser therapy and ultraviolet); Electrical agents for pain modulation; neuromuscular stimulation and tissue repair; Advanced modalities of Electrotherapy (High intensity LASER; TECAR therapy; SCENAR ; Magnetic Stimulant ; Transcranial electrical stimulation ); Mechanical modalities (ultrasound; shockwave therapy and compression therapy); Thermotherapy; cryotherapy and hydrotherapy; Differential use of electrophysical agents

CPD Provider

HH Sports Group Ltd

HH Sports Group Ltd

HH Sports Group Ltd

HH Sports Group specialise in organising and managing pre and mid-season football training camps and events in the United Kingdom and Europe for First Teams and Football Academies. We have a portfolio of leading winter and summer destinations so we can provide you with the best option for your needs. We also arrange a variety of medical checks and tests working with some of the leading Doctors in the football industry.

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