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Fire safety is more than a legal obligation; it's a fundamental aspect that safeguards your construction project; your team; and your reputation. Without proper understanding and compliance; there could be serious consequences for your business; from insurance issues to potential fines from the HSE in critical situations. The training provides a deep dive into the specifics of fire safety regulations; with a focus on: Temporary accommodation units and welfare areas; Controlling the risk of lithium batteries; Establishing and maintaining safe escape routes; Managing hot works and much more.

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In the event of a fire, no-one would question the power of this communication. And here at Howler where EVERY Howler begins its existence, we are ever-conscious that each device may, one day, be saving a life. Possibly yours. Every Howler must, therefore, be 100% reliable. The continually growing family of Howlers in our product range have all been developed in response to customer needs. They all aim to help you get the message out FAST. Every time.

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