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Applied Façade Engineering (AFE)

Online Course IAST (Institute for Architectural Science and Technology)

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Applied Façade Engineering (AFE) is an intensive six-week online professional development course offering fundamental knowledge in architectural technology; structural; acoustic; and fire safety aspects of external envelope design. It covers design principles; common façade types; materials; thermal performance; fire safety; acoustics; structural considerations; and procurement routes. AFE includes video tutorials; tests; and compulsory assignments. It offers hundreds of diagrams and 3D models to enhance understanding. Participants gain industry-applicable knowledge and expertise in façade engineering. The course aims to provide a holistic understanding of practical façade design beyond theoretical concepts making it suitable for both beginners and industry insiders.

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IAST (Institute for Architectural Science and Technology)

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IAST (Institute for Architectural Science and Technology)

IAST (Institute for Architectural Science and Technology)

IAST is your gateway to opportunities for professional development in Façade Engineering, Architectural Technology and Building Physics. We are a dynamic community of dedicated professionals striving to advance the construction industry, raise the bar on professional standards and foster greater competence. Having close ties to the industry, we make our learning materials practically oriented, engaging, and readily applicable to real-world scenarios. Whether you're an expert or an aspiring professional, IAST is the perfect platform to connect, learn, and grow together, making a lasting impact on the world of architectural science and technology.   

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