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Understanding the Criminal Justice Process for ISVAs Part 1 – The Police Investigation

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About the CPD course

This session is for anyone who has completed; or is currently completing; an ISVA qualification and is looking for additional information on understanding a service user’s journey through the criminal justice process; from being subjected to sexual violence to the conclusion of a trial. This session is divided into two parts. Part 1 follows the process to the end of the police investigation and part 2 follows a survivor’s journey through the court process.

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ICENA is a non-profit social enterprise, set up in 2019 by a team of individuals working on the frontline with survivors of sexual violence. Our mission is to drive empowerment and social change by providing training and consultancy, and using the profits to sustain critical services for people in the UK who need support after sexual assault. With years of experience from working across the sexual violence and health and wellbeing sectors, we offer our clients comprehensive, evidence-based and expert training and consultancy with measurable results. Our work focuses on influencing attitudes, beliefs, practices and discriminatory norms to ensure people have fair access to resources and opportunities, regardless of their gender. Sexual discrimination, harassment and violence can happen to anyone, and we work with our clients to improve conditions for people of all genders. However, given that women are disproportionately impacted by these issues, we work particularly closely with women-led organisations, and in the women and girls sector.

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