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This course offers a comprehensive introduction to equine microchip implanting; designed for veterinarians; veterinary technicians; and equine professionals. Participants will learn the correct procedures for safely and effectively implanting microchips in horses. The curriculum covers the anatomical sites for implantation; handling and use of implantation devices; and post-implantation care to prevent complications. Additionally; the course includes best practices for maintaining accurate and up-to-date equine identification records. Upon completion; attendees will possess the skills and knowledge required to perform microchip implantations; enhancing traceability and security for horses in their care.

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International Equine Registry

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International Equine Registry

International Equine Registry

At International Equine Registry, we are committed to the safety and welfare of equine by offering worldwide microchip registration. We believe the integration of microchips within the Equine community offers an easy way to identify and protect our animal's whereabouts. Our registration process is streamlined and accepting of any microchip brand. Feel confident that our services are designed with your horse's safety in mind.

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