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An Introduction To Mineral Silicate Paint Technology

Seminar KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

About the CPD course

Discussing silicate mineral paints which are environmentally friendly; sustainable; protective and decorative surface coatings. Mineral paints offer a wide range of solutions to common problems associated with conventional film forming acrylic coatings in addition to being highly decorative. Mineral paint technology ensures longevity of decoration and can be used in restoration; conservation; new build and re-decoration projects.

CPD Provider

KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

The system is a liquid silicate paint which comprises a potassium silicate binder with inorganic fillers and natural earth oxide colour pigments. When applied onto a mineral substrate the binder is absorbed and forms a micro-crystalline silicate structure.

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