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The Certificate in Government and Political Leadership programme focuses on the leadership aspect of government and politics. It prepares you to develop the necessary leadership skills for greater impact and influence in this arena. It is appropriate for individuals seeking to work at local and national levels. You’ll be equipped with the keys to (i) effective decision making in government and politics, (ii) mastering personal governance so that you can effectively lead in and govern a nation, and (iii) establishing your credibility for long-term influence and success.

CPD Provider

Kenley College

Kenley College

Kenley College

As the premier provider of leadership training and strategy for young politicians, Kenley College offers accredited short courses, leadership coaching and consultancy services. The very practical nature of the courses and coaching programmes makes Kenley College’s approach different from traditional training in government and politics at universities and colleges globally. The leadership and strategy focus for Kenley College is why it’s programmes are sought after by young and aspiring leaders in the political arena. The programmes at Kenley College help young politicians to develop the mindset, confidence, strategy and decision making skills to serve in frontline politics and in strategic decision influencing positions behind the scenes at community, city, state and national levels. 

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