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Syllabus Support Course - Introductory Examinations/Entry level LAMDA Speaking of Verse and Prose examinations

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The course provides instruction and guidance for anyone wishing to use the LAMDA Syllabus for Solo Introductory examinations and Entry Level Speaking of Verse and Prose examinations. Delegates will be led through the Regulations; Syllabus and Assessment Criteria and will explore strategies that can be used to guide and support Learners on their journey towards a LAMDA examination. Delegates are provided with a work book with key information which they may add their own notes to.

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LAMDA Examinations

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LAMDA Examinations

At LAMDA, our mission is to seek out and train the exceptional dramatic artists and technicians of every generation, so they can have the most extraordinary impact on the world through their work in theatre, film and television. Founded in 1861, we are the oldest drama school in the UK and the first such institution to offer acting tuition – defining LAMDA’s role as a pioneer in its field. When we introduced our technical training in 1965, it quickly became a prototype for other institutions branching into this area. That pioneering spirit remains at the heart of our work: we offer an inventive, diverse and inclusive environment for artistic development; we contribute to the progression of the dramatic art form through the new writing projects we commission each year and the companies that emerge from our training; and our students and tutors are encouraged and supported to produce innovative work in their craft.

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