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Employers have a duty to assess the risks from any manual handling activity at their workplace and provide information; instruction and training to eliminate or minimise those risks. By the end of this session you will: Understand what manual handling is; Know what individuals and companies duties are under the law; Be able to identify the consequences of poor manual handling; Know the function of the back; its components and the conditions that can affect the back and How to plan a lift before undertaking to ensure you lift safely.

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Law At Work

Law At Work

Law At Work

We are employment and employee relations specialists based in the Channel Islands. We provide accurate, consistent and informed advice, encompassing employment matters and health & safety issues, that is straightforward, commercial and practical. With the right advice, that explains the risks and costs associated with each available option, you can make the right decision. Our service is unique to the Channel Islands due to our blended approach of employment law and human resource specialists. We pride ourselves on giving the right advice every time, excelling in areas of discrimination, employment relations and tribunal representation.

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