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Advanced Office Management & Effective Administration Skills (Certified)

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Managing an office has become increasingly sophisticated and requires advanced management professionalism. The increased demand for speed and accuracy: knowledge of new technology and an increasingly diverse workforce: bring challenges and also opportunities for growth. This dynamic and in-depth course explores more advanced skills which can help an office manager to work more confidently: creatively: and effectively. This course is designed to train office managers and secretarial heads on advanced applications in modern office management and electronic information management: administrative skills to achieve effective communication with all parts of the organization to accomplish tasks according to the order of strategic priorities.

CPD Provider

Mercury Training

Mercury Training

Mercury Training

Mercury Training Center is a multinational World-class Training Solutions Provider with a wide-range portfolio extended to more than 50 countries and 25 Sectors, focusing on continuous learning by providing creative, flexible (onsite/online), unique, and customer-driven (B 2 B) training solutions. We provide training courses under more than 25 categories, including: 

• Management & Leadership 

• Finance and Accounting 

• Project Management 

• HR Management 

• Engineering

• Oil and Gas 

• Health, Safety & Security 

• Maintenance, Inspection, Testing, Corrosion, Painting, Turnaround & Industrial Services 

• Marketing & Sales Management 

• Legal & Contracts Management 

• Procurement & Logistics 

• Quality Management 

• Secretary & Office Management 

• Healthcare & Hospital Management 

• HR Training Department Development 

• Documents Management 

• Public Relations 

• Customer Service

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