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The Finishing Touch is Europe's leading Finishing School programme. In five days you will be empowered to take your social and business success to the next level by replacing the mystery of the unknown with confidence and sophistication. Topics include: Social vs Business Etiquette; European Lifestyle and Behaviour; Kensington Palace Private Tutorial; Networking and Communication; Image and Society Dress Codes; The Art of Entertaining; 6-Course Formal Dining Tutorial; Poise and International Body Language; Public Speaking; Interview Techniques and Personal Presence; English Afternoon Tea. Each module is infused with an international perspective.

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Minding Manners International

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Minding Manners International

Minding Manners International

Minding Manners International is Europe’s leading Certified Etiquette & Protocol Consultancy, Modular Finishing School Academy and Cultural & Savoir-vivre Specialist. We launched in the heart of Paris, France on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in 2003, being the first institution to bring back the tradition of the European Finishing School, only this time, in an accessible, contemporary and modular format. Our relocation to London puts us at the cross-roads of the world, making our international programmes geographically and culturally accessible to all. We specialise in international social etiquette, finishing and European savoir-vivre, global business etiquette, youth etiquette and protocol for the international VIP, official and diplomatic realms.

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