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Intermediate modules Explorer Club - learn 15 new lesson plans, 15 new poses and how to adapt your class to any topic allowing you to create 100’s of classes using a simple formula. Learn how to use props and music to adapt the class experience 15 minutes to Mindful, Meditation kids - meditation techniques for any age. Relaxing the body, cleansing the mind, guided visualisations and learn to create your own. Games Add 15 new games suitable for any age to your tool belt. Helping children with maths, English, drama whilst having fun!

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Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga

Mini Me Yoga is dedicated to bringing fun into the lives of children by empowering grown-ups to share our 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids program. Our mission is to bring JOY into children’s lives. Our 15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids program is taught to parents, teachers and childcare providers via a 2 hr workshop, e learning or book. We teach them what kid’s yoga and positive thinking are all about. Participants in the Mini Me Yoga 2-Hour Workshop walk away with our 15-minutes to happy, healthy kids program they can start using right away in the classroom or the home. Plus each participant receives a pack of Magick Yoga Cards which have 14 poses as well as positive words to help the grownups share yoga with their children easily.

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