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This CPD explains the technologies and techniques that are available to undertake land and building surveys and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. It addresses the RICS standards; survey accuracies and specifications and the differences between them and what each technology can achieve. It illustrates the different outputs that are available from the surveys and also give guidance on how to best procure surveys and the information to issue.

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Mobile Cad Surveying Solutions Limited

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Mobile Cad Surveying Solutions Limited

Mobile Cad Surveying Solutions Limited

Mobile CAD is totally committed to producing technology-driven surveying solutions of the highest quality. Produced on site, in real time, they are 100% focused on the needs of our clients and end-users. 'Can do'​ is our guiding philosophy and passion. From Director to receptionist, old to young, our focus is to ensure our clients get a great outcome without having to expend their own valuable time and effort to achieve it. In other words – ‘give us the remit and we’ll give you the result!” The directors of our business come from an Architectural background and therefore understand & empathise with the end users of our surveys. We can produce surveys to our clients architects own layering system, thereby saving time in post survey editing. Similarly, 3D models are set up with an agreed family structure. All drawings come fully co-ordinated and in mm form to allow the end user to start work immediately they receive a survey from Mobile Cad Surveying

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