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A comprehensive Foundation Dermal Filler Course designed to equip beginners with essential skills for a career in aesthetic medicine. This course thoroughly covers both theoretical aspects and practical applications of dermal fillers; focusing on areas such as tear troughs; marionette lines; cheeks; lips; and chin. Participants will receive in-depth training on health and safety protocols; alongside hands-on practical experience with live models. Additionally; the programme includes access to ongoing support groups; ensuring learners not only gain initial knowledge and skills but also benefit from continuous professional development in the dynamic field of aesthetics.

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Nealy Aesthetics

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Nealy Aesthetics

Nealy Aesthetics

We are Nealy's Aesthetic Training Academy, founded by Nealy Razzazian, an experienced Physician Associate with a rich Pharmacology background and a master's degree in Physician Associate studies. Our academy is the culmination of Nealy's dedication to the art and science of aesthetic medicine. We offer rigorous, hands-on training programs designed to empower aspiring aestheticians with comprehensive skills in cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. Rooted in our passion for creative excellence and manual precision, our curriculum bridges theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, fostering a new generation of aestheticians equipped to enhance natural beauty responsibly.

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