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A 40-week programme geared towards individuals operating within management positions to bridge the gap between operational management to people leaders; who are fearless in approach; developing resilience and determination under the pressure of continuous change. The learning approach requires practical application of knowledge and skills; allowing learners to embed their learning; whilst strategically implementing change. Our blended approach combines online learning with virtual Masterclasses’; including an opportunity to network with learners globally through discussion forums. Our coaching framework provides a journey of self-discovery and a personal development plan that ensures your growth as a disruptive leader.

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Omni HR Consulting

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Omni HR Consulting

Omni HR Consulting

At Omni HR Consulting, our primary focus is to provide our customers both innovative, relevant and industry-related training and development solutions which will meet their skills development needs. Another key focus for Omni relates to our consulting services, which is based on understanding our customer’s business and their key drivers. In consultation with our customers we can craft a solution to address performance gaps based on our unique value proposition.

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