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Intensive pain management course for chronic pain.

Training Course • Pain Association Scotland

About the CPD course

Our courses are person-centred and based on a bio-psycho-social model. This means that the sessions are not just about pain; but rather dealing with pain and looking at the wider context of life; health and well-being. The sessions provide a combination of education; training and support in a group setting that encourages peer support and discussion.

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Pain Association Scotland

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Pain Association Scotland

Pain Association Scotland

Pain Association Scotland is unique in having pioneered the development and delivery of self-management training for those burdened with Chronic Pain. Its courses are designed specifically to target those in the community who are affected by Long Term (Chronic Painful) Conditions. The Association’s overall aim is to improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers by supporting and empowering them to live independently in the community. The focus is therefore on introducing people to, and quickly building, self-management skills, thereby creating practical, positive change leading to an improved quality of life and well-being.

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