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The Go-To Physio Mentorship is an online mentorship delivered via online webinars; practical video content and online coaching to help physical therapists develop a structured step by step system to improve confidence and clarity in assessments; treatment techniques; high-end rehabilitation and return to play protocols for the spinal and peripheral joints. It takes the latest research in movement science; pain science and integrates with the latest research in the musculoskeletal; respiratory and neurological systems of the body. The purpose of this course is to prepare therapists for the realities of managing patient caseloads in their professional roles as physical therapist.

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ProSport Academy

ProSport Academy

The Go-To Physio (Dave O'Sullivan) and The ProSport Academy: Dave’s mission is to empower people to restore control over their body and mind so they can truly live. Dave is achieving this mission personally through his clinic and also through his vision with ProSport Academy. His vision is to support and guide over 1500 therapists in over 50 countries, helping millions in pain and giving therapists the confidence and clarity to help patients who have failed traditional approaches. This all starts with understanding the ‘WHY’ behind every action and having a structured step-by-step system in place that gives repeatable outcomes and takes the emotion out of decision making for therapists in private practice and pro sport.

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