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This course explores sustainability challenges and solutions by integrating environmental; social; and economic systems. Learners will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills; create innovative solutions using feedback loops; and analyse the socio-economic impacts of pandemics and climate change. Additionally; participants will design lessons aligning Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with various academic disciplines. Through case studies; and systems thinking principles; this course equips learners to become effective change agents and educators in sustainability.

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QIN Platform

QIN Platform

QIN Platform is a leading provider of professional development solutions, specializing in Arts Integration, School Health Education, and Sustainability programs. Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge to each domain, ensuring the highest quality educational content and support. We are dedicated to empowering educators and institutions worldwide by offering transformative learning experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the AI era. With certified courses and a diverse program range, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering a community of educators committed to holistic, sustainable, and creative teaching approaches. Our mission is to enhance the future of education.

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