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Wireless Solutions for Hazardous Locations

Seminar R.Stahl

About the course

This CPD material is designed as an introduction into the principles; requirements; technologies and standards relating to wireless solutions in explosive environments.


The future of industrial competition will be determined by digitalisation. All areas of industrial processes are developing new and more efficient solutions based on digital data processing. Central to the role of digitalisation is Ethernet, wireless and other network technology. They ensure data transmission, control of processes, monitoring and optimisation for both mobile and stationary devices. With R. STAHL, you can experience explosion-protected products and solutions for Ethernet and wireless network solutions in process plants. R. STAHL overcomes the two challenges of networking. Both digital data transmission and explosion protection regulations are covered. Together with other well-known manufacturers, R. STAHL is working on the future standards of Ethernet. Technology in the field includes Advanced Physical Layers (APL) and intrinsically safe 4-wire Ethernet (100BASE-TX-IS). The aim is to offer products and services that combine reliable explosion protection of the high quality for which R. STAHL is known with simple, digital handling.

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