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Introduction to monitoring of residential sprinkler systems

Seminar Rapidrop

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Seminar offers understanding of residential sprinkler system monitoring; how it works and the benefits it holds. Learn which components of your sprinkler system require monitoring to adhere to the British Standard applicable to residential buildings across the UK.

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Rapidrop is committed to fire safety and protecting lives. This is demonstrated by our continued investment in research and development, conducted at our own state of the art test facilities - one of its kind in the UK. Rapidrop is focused on bringing new products to market that make our customers lives easier, safer and better. Rapidrop Global Ltd are a fully certified British manufacturer of sprinkler heads and fire protection equipment. Our aim is to provide you with a complete and tailored product solution that covers all of your fire protection needs. Rapidrop have been selected as trusted supplier of sprinklers and fire suppression systems to thousands of projects across hundreds of cities worldwide, serving: residential, commercial, warehouses, manufacturing, retail, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, airports, entertainment and sporting venues.

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