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Hemisphere: Anti-bias training for interviewers and managers

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This configurable online programme provides practical advice on how to combat bias in employment. Combining educational animations; interactive exercises; original research and short videos; Hemisphere helps interviewers and managers by: Raising awareness of the disparities in outcomes and experiences for minority groups in corporate environments; Imparting concrete knowledge about the history of minority groups in the UK; Enabling interviewers and managers to reflect on their own behaviours and learn practical tips that can be put into practice immediately. Participants have access to a content library which they can visit after completing the initial training to continue their learning.

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Rare Recruitment

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Rare Recruitment

Rare Recruitment

Rare is a specialist diversity recruitment company with expertise in graduate recruitment and development. Our mission is to help the best employers in the world build better workforces that also reflect society's diversity. The support we offer our candidates is tailored to their individual needs. We never spoon-feed our candidates; we encourage them to think for themselves, to figure things out and to pursue knowledge independently.

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