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Specifying Joints In Concrete Slabs

Seminar RCR Industrial Flooring

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This seminar explains the nature of industrial concrete floor slabs and why construction joints are needed. It explores the types of joint which may be used and where each may be appropriate; and explains the benefits of joint armouring. Standards and regulations are covered, as well as testing, load transfer, and practical considerations for specifying.  

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RCR Industrial Flooring

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RCR Industrial Flooring

RCR Industrial Flooring

RCR Industrial Flooring is an international group of companies which specialises in industrial concrete floors. Comprising more than 30 companies worldwide, the RCR group includes floor designers and consultants, specialist flooring sub-contractors and product manufacturers. RCR product brands include the well-known Permaban, Rocland and Rinol which manufacture leave-in-place formwork, armoured joints, dry-shakes, resins, sealants and additives to protect and harden concrete floors and slabs.

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