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Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVS)

Seminar Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd

About the CPD course

Safe, efficient control of pressure in water supplies. Seminar provides an introduction to prvs, their advantages, sizing, performance and approval requirements and installation guidance using case studies.

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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd

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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (UK) Ltd

Our JG Speedfit, Reliance Valves and SharkBite brands offer a complete range of pipes, fittings and valves. They’re designed to seamlessly integrate, from boiler to point of use, within the modern built environment. One complete solution By harnessing our plastic and metal push-fit technology, as well as world-leading water control valves, installers can be more efficient than ever before with our complete behind the wall plumbing solution from a single trusted manufacturer. And with a wide range of energy-efficient underfloor heating solutions, we’ve got everything you need for new builds and renovation projects.

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