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Mindful Nature Pedagogy

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Mindful Nature Pedagogy is a holistic; multi-sensory approach to education; integrating elements of mindfulness and nature pedagogy; adding the vital nature connection element to education; childcare and daily life. We are living in challenging times which can be overwhelming; especially for our children. Eco-anxiety has become a common symptom and we need new approaches and coping skills for our children and ourselves as well as a hopeful and empowering outlook on the future.

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Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings

My name is Alex, I am a teacher, author, mum and mindfulness practitioner and I have always been passionate about an education for children that goes beyond just traditional academia.  We all need to play an active part in making sure our children are still able to grow up into kind, confident and happy people despite the challenges they are confronted with. I want to give ideas and tips about including mindful principles into every day life in order to bring more balance and connection into our families, our classrooms and beyond.

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