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BEHAVES is a foundational e-learning course crafted by a team of seasoned behavioural scientists and industry experts which condenses years of behavioural science research and insights into a dynamic; 3-hour; self-paced journey. Whilst the course is supported by a wealth of academic studies; BEHAVES isn't just theory – the course is a practical guide to navigating the intricacies of human behaviour. Gain insights that drive tangible; real-world results and transform the way you approach challenges in the workplace. Whether you work in HR; finance; operations; marketing or IT; investing just 3 hours in BEHAVES equips you with psychological knowledge to communicate more effectively and excel in any role.

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Spoon Behavioural Communications (SBC)

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Spoon Behavioural Communications (SBC)

Spoon Behavioural Communications (SBC)

We're a behavioural communications agency…but what does that actually mean? We create strategies to nail the outcomes our client cares about, and thread storytelling through those strategies to build emotional connections and earn people’s attention. Then we inject behavioural science into those stories to convert people’s attention into action. Finally, we build learning and communications programmes to embed the actions we inspire for the long-haul. From bespoke blended learning programmes to change programmes to B2B content marketing, we can diagnose your business problems through a behavioural lens and provide solutions to give you optimum results.

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