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HMPPS – ReaderPen Secure Training Program

Training Course Scanning Pens

About the CPD course

Scan; Listen; Understand. How to implement the use of a ReaderPen Secure in a secure setting. The ReaderPen Secure is a text to speech; hand- held reading device that is widely used by dyslexic individuals and those with reading difficulties to gain access to paper-based reading materials. This training is specific to secure settings and has been designed for HMPPS but it would be helpful for those implementing reading support in probation services; youth offending and secure hospitals.

CPD Provider

Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens is an award-winning portable assistive technology company based in the UK, founded in 2003 by two enthusiastic tech lovers - Toby Sutton and Jack Churchill. People in the workplace, education or public sector thrive and feel included among their peers by using highly advanced text-to-speech technology from our collection of reading tools.

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