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An Introduction to Energy Use in the Home and Fuel Poverty

Workshop Severn Wye Energy Agency

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Through an interactive training session we will provide an introduction to energy use in the home and Fuel Poverty Awareness training. Through taking part in these events; frontline staff (both paid and voluntary) and councillors will improve their own Fuel Poverty related knowledge whilst developing the skills to identify fuel poverty. This will aid in the carrying out of their work roles either whilst they are in clients homes or have improved awareness of what the issues are and knowing what they can do. It is for the frontline staff and councillors who sign up to the training that we are seeking CPD accreditation.

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Severn Wye Energy Agency

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Severn Wye Energy Agency

Severn Wye Energy Agency

Severn Wye is an independent charity and not-for-profit company. Courses range from domestic/non-domestic Green Deal Advisor training through to modules on fuel poverty and can cater for students householders teachers and other professionals.

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