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Online short courses for all employees that need to undertake Asbestos Awareness training if in their work they have the possibility of uncovering; disturbing or coming across Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). This applies to any commercial premises built before the year 2000. These regulations can apply to operatives, supervisors & users alike, and from all courses viewed a donation is made to the Mesothelioma Trust - helping those suffering from this affliction.

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Shout Out Safety

Shout Out Safety

Shout Out Safety

Why learn in analogue when you can watch High Definition, broadcast-quality films which feature real people, actual case studies and highly-qualified medical and safety experts? Different to on-line Health and Safety training courses anywhere else, they’re accessible, enjoyable and effective. We also donate a proportion of the course fee to a relevant partner charity because we think it’s right that we all support those who have been adversely affected during their work.

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