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Delivering Optimal IAQ with Air Purification Technologies

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a significant environmental issue for years; and indoor air contamination is proven to lead to the phenomenon of sick building syndrome (SBS). The use of ventilation; filtration; and source control are the primary methods for improving IAQ in most buildings. In this course; we will look at the various airstream disinfection technologies available to control the airborne spread of viruses in buildings.We will also give an overview of the key considerations to successfully implement air purification solutions for improved IAQ and enhanced protection during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

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Sirus has been providing service to the HVAC, Electrical and Controls industry for over 30 years. Through our unique blend of Mechanical, Electrical and Automation skillsets along with quality products; our promise is to deliver and maintain compliant, comfortable workspaces and energy-efficient buildings in partnership with our customers, other service providers and suppliers. We specialise in delivering Critical Environments to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare and Data Centre sectors and understand that risk management through the project and operations lifecycle of facilities is crucial to the success of our customers. 

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