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Quantifying Posture and Postural Interventions

Workshop Sumed International (UK)

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The annual BART DAYS roadshow is set to take place from March 4th to March 8th; 2024; featuring Bart Van Der Heyden; PT; as the guest speaker. Bart; a seasoned clinician with expertise in seating; wound care; and mobility; will share his insights and experience through a series of workshops across Walsall; Wrexham; Preston; Edinburgh; and Dublin. Attendees can expect workshops focusing on quantifying posture; seat cushion performance; pelvic alignment management; and wheelchair interventions; all utilising pressure imaging for evaluation. The event promises to foster professional connections and provide valuable practical knowledge for medical professionals.

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Sumed International (UK)

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Sumed International (UK)

Sumed International (UK)

Sumed are manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of a range of medical equipment and supplies. Our focus is to provide solutions to the pain and discomfort caused by pressure sores and pressure ulcers on the skin of people who have limited mobility. 

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