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168 hour TEFL / TESOL Course (Level 5)

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We have designed our course to be as accessible and affordable as possible. Anyone with a native or fluent level of English can take our TEFL course; and there are several options available to fit all schedules. Student will get all the help that she needs to work through the course; and a personal assigned tutor will guide her through her online learning experience. Our students can make a change; try something new; to venture abroad; or to teach online.

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TEFL International Group

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TEFL International Group

TEFL International Group

We have several years of experience in training and placing Hungarians abroad. After a few weeks of accredited TEFL training, you can work in different countries by teaching local children language or other subjects. You can master the method itself through our training, in a few weeks, in a flexible schedule, or from home.

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