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Forensic Accounting in Investigations

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This webinar is to explain the role of the forensic accountant in corporate investigations and to give delegates a basic understanding of accounting concepts and principles. The course is designed for corporate investigators (or any other person) at all levels who wish to improve on their knowledge of the role of forensic accountants. Delegates will learn the basics of journal entries; trial balances; income statements; balance sheets; the accounting cycle. They will also learn the basics of financial control and assessments; how to collect and analyse financial data; red flags to look for when conducting investigations; how to conduct transaction testing and financial reporting basics.

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The Association of Corporate Investigators

The Association of Corporate Investigators

The Association of Corporate Investigators

In 2017 a group of corporate investigation team heads identified a gap in the current universe of associations, catering for the needs of corporate professionals. In particular, accredited qualifications and training, networking opportunities, and the availability of a central resource for members of the corporate investigations community were deemed to be lacking. It was also felt that investigators, at whatever level of seniority and from whichever background, be it legal, audit or finance, could benefit from a wider coalition of activity. Limited research carried out by investigation team heads amongst their own teams identified an appetite especially from graduates or junior members for an association, which promoted the professional standing of their role and an independent voice alongside their colleagues in other professional areas. The ACi fills that gap.

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