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Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity

Online Course The Health Sciences Academy

About the CPD course

This is an online course that will enable the learner to explain the theories of ageing the mechanisms underlying the aging process and the clinical implication of age-related diseases. Understand the molecular and biochemical basis diagnosis and treatment of different cancers the commonality and variability between cancer types. Recognise and distinguish the contribution of environmental and genetic factors to cancer causation and the process of ageing. Analyse the role of diet and lifestyle on the progression of ageing and in cancer prevention development and treatment. Identify the effects of popular regimes on cancer risk and lifespan extension e.g. fasting caloric restriction low-protein ketogenic vegan or gluten-free diets. Personalise nutritional and lifestyle plans based on current state of health and prevention goals assess plan and monitor goals and evaluate information derived from online courses news media and current literature on the scientific validity of cancer- and ageing-related content.

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The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy

The Health Sciences Academy

Distance and e-learning courses including: sports and exercise nutrition dietary supplements clinical weight loss food addiction and carb cravings food intolerances and pregnancy nutrition.

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