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Emotional Management in Physiotherapy: Enhancing Client Outcomes & Prioritising Wellbeing.

Seminar The Injury Psychologist

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This course is for physiotherapists looking to deepen their understanding of the emotional aspects of rehabilitation: enhance client outcomes: and create a practice that prioritises both client and practitioner wellbeing. On this course you will gain an understanding of the emotional challenges throughout injury rehabilitation: and you will learn how to build emotional agility and integrating emotional strategies to elevate engagement and provide invaluable psychosocial support throughout the rehabilitation journey. Finally: you will develop a personalised emotional labour management plan for your practice to cultivate resilience: prevent burnout: and create a nurturing environment that prioritises both client and practitioner wellbeing.

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The Injury Psychologist

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The Injury Psychologist

The Injury Psychologist

I am a psychologist with 10+ years of experience working at the intersection of injury, health, wellbeing, and performance supporting injured athletes, dancers, and performers with their rehabilitation and recovery journeys. I help individuals to positively adjust and grow throughout their recovery so that they can return from their setback mentally stronger, more resilient, and more confident than ever before. I also support physiotherapists and organisations to psychologically inform their environments so that they feel better equipped to navigate the emotional and psychological side of injury for their clients and teams. 

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