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Introduction to Permaculture

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The Introduction to Permaculture course is a transformative course - essential for the time we live in now. Understanding the interconnected nature of all systems (natural; economic; human) and why you need to care for them is key to effective climate action. Using permaculture design which can be applied widely; for business; teams; gardens; community spaces; your mental health, and more. It will support you to design solutions which make sense and which don’t cost the earth.

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The Permaculture Association

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The Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association

Permaculture is more than just a different way to garden. It’s a fresh perspective inspired by nature that helps us make better-informed choices which give the planet and its people the best chance at flourishing. At the Permaculture Association, we are pushing permaculture to new frontiers, connecting people and places to make change happen and grow the permaculture community.

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